Likes don't pay bills. Sales do

400+ documented customer case studies from IT and consulting companies speak for themselves. Here you can find some of them:

Consulting, coaching, training

An average of 4 qualified appointments per week within 12 months of cooperation

Steffen Henkel

Agency services

Constant 5-7 appointments with qualified prospects per week

“So far it has more than paid off, working with StraightUp you not only get the service, but you learn a lot that will help you in life and business.” “TOP, would recommend it to everyone.”

Meriton Shurdhani

Agency services

Customer interview: GoYellow GmbH with Lucas Müller

“On average, a new customer every other day thanks to StraightUp’s systematized digital sales process.”

Lucas Müller

Agency services

Customer interview: Limbio Digital Communication GmbH - recruiting skilled workers for SMEs

“Over 100K additional order volume in the pilot phase of the collaboration”

Julian Wieser

Software and SaaS
''StraightUp systematically supported us in the sales process, provided us with intensive support and accompanied us through workshops. Thanks to their help, we were able to successfully master the challenges of the complex sales process and create a solid foundation for our company. We are extremely satisfied with StraightUp and are happy to recommend their services to others.

Sven Kusebauch

Consulting, coaching, training

Over 140 customer inquiries from C-Levels in 4 months of collaboration

''Offering advice in the almost unmanageable world of online marketing today means swimming in a huge pond of competitors all shouting "Look how great we are!" shout. The fact that I perceived Straight-Up as a high-quality and promising provider in this pond was a first step. The second hurdle was our first personal contact on the phone. As an experienced voice and communication coach, it was clear that I not only paid attention to the factual side of your offers, but especially to the quality of contact. And rarely have I felt so well looked after in an acquisition meeting. Ultimately, however, it's all about results when working together. And the results are impressive. Your processes are set up perfectly, the team is first-class and the weekly consultation appointments are always on point. You have my 5-star recommendation.''

Arno Fischbacher

CEO Arno Fischbacher Consulting

Consulting, coaching, training

''After networking on LinkedIn, I was contacted and invited to a free informational interview. I was interested in how StraightUp performs and whether they could "pick me up". I was also curious to see whether I would gain new insights in the context of the fast-moving changes in digitalization. Jay provided interesting approaches in our initial meeting, which prompted me to work with him and his team on a proof of concept to expand my range of services with LinkedIn Ads. I can say that the entire team around Jay does a very professional job, provides inspiration and challenges my conceptual creativity in a goal-oriented way. Thank you for the very empathetic cooperation at eye level!''

Helga Wegmann

Owner Contingo

Consulting, coaching, training

"I came across StraightUp through a personal letter and am very grateful to have got to know this young team behind Jakov Gushchin. Despite the distance and the contact, which was exclusively via video conferencing, the communication was optimal. I was regularly informed about the progress and always got answers to my questions. Jakov is extremely good at empathizing with the target groups on social media and therefore finds the optimal words to address the right people. He and his team think outside the box and develop concepts and campaigns with great care. With StraightUp, I have found a reliable partner in the field of social media marketing."

Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel

Corporate Consulting Haeusel

Consulting, coaching, training

"In these fast-moving times, where so much is constantly changing, it is very important for me to keep up with the times. Reaching my fans, but also appealing to new, inquisitive people, is a key concern for me. That's why I decided to work with Jakov and his dynamic StraightUp team. StraightUp advised me on all the details, designed a customized social media concept for me and implemented it quickly. As a result, we were able to reach new interested parties and help many, because that is my primary goal as a doctor. I can only recommend taking the step towards professional social media marketing."

Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke

Coaching and consulting

Consulting, coaching, training

Client interview: 2 major contracts within 90 days as a management consultant

"2 major orders in less than 90 days" 

Hubert Hofmann

Consulting, coaching, training

So far we have acquired 14 new customers, and that's just the beginning!

"The start of the coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot for me. I was looking for solutions on how to approach qualified new customers online and that's how I came across you. I was skeptical at first, as it was completely new territory for me. After some persuasion from Jakov, I decided to work with you and I still don't regret it today! The first goal was to acquire the first 3 customers. We won them after a short time thanks to your strategies. Then came the next and the next, until it developed into a genuine new customer acquisition process that can be planned and, above all, that I have control over."

Karl Allmer

Management development

IT service and consulting

8 major orders within 4 months for IT services

“Dear Jay, thank you very much for your great support over the last few months. The master class is a comprehensive program on marketing, sales and mindset, based on extensive video training and a wide variety of templates for adapting the methods. I was able to adopt many useful recommendations for my company and advance sales. The sales training courses are particularly helpful and we are now getting many more new customers than before. We are not at the end yet and there is still a lot to DO. I look forward to it!"
The sales training courses in particular are very helpful and we are now getting a lot more new customers than before. We are not at the end yet and there is still a lot to do. I'm looking forward to it!"

Markus Hilbig

IT service and consulting

20 qualified initial appointments in 2 months

Thanks to StraightUp, everything is more structured: clear communication, a coordinated approach and defined processes. It used to be a haphazard approach, but now we have won many successful customers thanks to this systematic approach.

Jannik Stamm

Sales Manager Besitec

IT service and consulting

What they say about StraightUp

''StraightUp is a competent and reliable partner who understood our requirements and goals. Together with the very nice, always helpful and creative StraightUp team, we worked on the conception and implementation of our marketing strategy and optimized our new customer acquisition. This collaboration enabled us to significantly increase our reach. We are currently still working on generating more qualified leads and increasing our conversion rate. I can recommend StraightUp to anyone who wants to further develop their B2B marketing and digital sales.''

Andreas Urban

IT service and consulting

Continuous 5 customer inquiries per week through StraightUp acquisition concept

''You have opened the door for many, many companies that are interested in our services, which I would never have thought of without you. ''

Dirk Konopatzki


Software and SaaS
''The first meeting with Jay convinced us with his many interesting ideas. In the course of working with StraightUp, we learned how to develop and set up successful Linkedin campaigns. The learning platform with many videos on storytelling and technical implementation was very helpful - a good format to benefit from StraightUp's expertise in the long term. The weekly workshops were also always helpful. We were able to put our campaigns up for discussion and get tips on implementation - also from other participants. Overall, we are very satisfied and were able to successfully generate contacts/leads on Linkedin.''

Henrike Krabbenhöft

Software and SaaS

Systematized growth from 5 to 15 employees as IT service manager within 36 months

If you open any social media platform these days, you're literally overwhelmed by so-called online marketing gurus. I'm really glad I chose Straight-Up right away for the following reason: the initial contact and the way Jay and his team deal with their customers is first class. The success of their clients comes first.
No matter what topic you have questions about, you always get an honest opinion. The weekly calls are an absolute added value, simply because you learn so much, whether professionally or privately. I can recommend StraightUp with a clear conscience.

Armin Dax Sinkovits

Software and SaaS
Jay Gushin ist ein echter digitaler Marketing- und Vertriebsguru der Extraklasse. Mit seiner Hilfe und der Hilfe seines StraightUp-Teams waren wir endlich in der Lage, einen systematischen Ansatz für unseren Vertrieb zu entwickeln und umzusetzen. Ich mag die Denkweise von Jay und StraightUp, sie basiert auf ihrer jahrelangen Erfahrung. Jetzt sehen wir, dass es nicht notwendig ist, potenzielle Kunden (Leads) zu drängen und sie zu zwingen, etwas zu tun. Man kann es auch anders machen, um eine Umsatzsteigerung zu erreichen. Mir gefällt dieser Ansatz sehr gut :)''

Richard Arpáš

Co-Founder Metaapp

Software and SaaS

That's why I chose StraightUp

Straight Up impressed with a relaxed and customer-oriented approach, in contrast to other high-pressure offers. The collaboration was pleasant and individual.

Thomas Mack

Owner Paradicta

Software and SaaS

From 0 to over 100,000 users within 24 months.


357 inquiries from potential investors in 6 months of cooperation

“Although we have marketing and sales in-house, we have been working with StraightUp for over a year and are happy to have taken this step. StraightUp really does a lot of the work for us here by using creative and new ideas to show us shortcuts that we would otherwise only have come up with through independent trial and error. Thanks to our joint partnership, we have now been able to achieve great sales targets and are already looking forward to the next successful year.”

Georg Tilg


Customer feedback | DigitalSIM Roland Becker - Lead generation directly with the first campaign

“Lead generation directly with the first campaign”

Roland Becker

''We've been working with Jay and his great team for almost a year now ... and it's really paid off so far.
What I particularly appreciate: The entire structured setup with mostly short videos that can be implemented immediately and provide a real transfer of know-how. Plus the 3 weekly online sessions, where you can work directly on your own process and optimize it. Plus the valuable feedback from other participants, which corresponds to real customer feedback. It's fun and generates new leads almost every day. Both thumbs up.''

Werner Haas

Sales Manager Ecotrees


Digital customer acquisition and customer retention of existing customers thanks to partnership with StraightUp

"Jay and his team explained to me very clearly how successful content marketing works - he and his team are great at implementing it. What I particularly like about the collaboration is that he communicates the company's values in the best possible way, thereby achieving massive results in the areas of digital customer acquisition and also managing to retain existing customers."

Chris Steiner

Beauty Franchise


Customer feedback | Birgit Monz - Successful market entry in Scandinavia thanks to StraightUp

"Successful market entry in Scandinavia thanks to StraightUp"

Birgit Monz


"As a tech start-up, we were courted by various advertising agencies. In the end, a simple conversation with Jay made our decision easy. What I liked back then was the proactive approach to concept proposals and ideas even before we started working together. Through the partnership with Jay and the StraightUp team, we had a successful market entry with our product both nationally and internationally. Through the digital sales processes, we have managed to systematically generate numerous high-quality customer inquiries and inspire countless people worldwide with our product."

Christoph Schöggler

Inventor of Aurox


Customer feedback | Elisa Becker-From influencer with a lot of reach to power woman with real impact