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Richard Arpáš

Co-Founder Metaapp


Richard Arpáš, Co-Founder Metaapp
‘’ Jay Gushin is a true digital marketing & sales guru of his own kind. With his help and the help of his StraightUp team, we were finally able to build and execute a systematic approach to our sales. I like the mindset of Jay and StraightUp, it’s all based on their years of experience. Now we see it’s not necessary to push potential customers (leads) and force them to do something. It can be done in a different way to achieve a sales conversation. I really like this approach 🙂 ‘’


Bratislava, Slowakei


10 - 20+


IT Dienstleister, Softwareentwicklung


  • Sehr breite Angebotspalette
  • Keine klaren ICPs
  • Kein Message – Market – Fit
  • Kein planbarer Lead – Gen Prozess
  • Kein systematisierter Vertriebsprozess


  • Schärfung der Positionierung
  • Erarbeitung der ICPs
  • Findung Message – Market – Fit
  • Aufbau eines automatisierten Leadgenerierungsprozesses
  • Volle Vertriebspipeline
  • Hands – on Skriptaufbau und Sales Training mit Founder